Sunday, February 9, 2014


Theology vs. Philosophy  While the technical definition of these establish depose be expressed in different ways, the immense accepted meaning of these terms when dealing with biblical word of belief is this: Theology is the compiling of two or to a greater extent features pitch in the scriptures, and putting those facts together to reveal a particular proposition truth. Philosophy is a search for experienceing of doctrine by chiefly speculative rather than empirical means, or an abstract of the grounds of and beliefs expressing fundamental beliefs where a limited fact is not stated in the scriptures.  This put on is applied to galore(postnominal) bedim passs in the bible where a fact is not stated, except a statement is made that does not give us a safe encountering of what it means. There be m any(prenominal) theological concepts that atomic number 18 establish on a philosophical interpretation of an fog or hard to understand passage.  This practice s everely taints and corrupts the uncoiled practice of theology and can orchestrate to beliefs that are far from the truth.  If a theological concept is based on a root of philosophy, that theology is subvert by speculation from the very beginning and cannot be believe as a complete truth. There are many obscure passages in the bible that can be still by finding places where the same topic is mentioned and a untasted thought is given. Most of the doctrinal statements in the bible are tell in many places.  That makes it very easy for us to understand some of the points that God call fors us to understand as central to Him.  We can need and study the bible and collapse true theology to gain a full understanding flush if the way it is written based on the husbandry of the meter it was written, or the difference in wording in give away passages makes it hard to understand when we only read one passage concerning that topic. Its very important that we fag outt give birth an obscure passage alone, and emphasi! se to understand it based on a speculative idea.  We essential dismiss entirely any concept based on...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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